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Sincerely, a human enthusiast.

A mosaic of 2,900 individual reefs Off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, once was the largest living thing on Earth, and even visible from outer space.

Our earth’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier, now lay barren––devoid of life.

Once a home to an abundance of ocean dwellers, a flourishing 2,300km-long ecosystem.

Having undergone Coral bleaching due to temperature rise.

Climate change and more importantly human’s contribution to it’s progression is the single most disturbing issue of our time and for the human species. In 2016 scientists reported over 50% of our planet’s coral reefs have perished to our ocean’s increasing heat. With 2019 set to be the warmest year on record.

I ask myself everyday, “when do I speak up? I mean, I’m a relatively quiet individual.. When do I take those personal steps to do my part in this battle?” And how? In a room full of crowded voices and nameless faces… how can one speak up without being written off or labeled, a left wing extremest, a tree hugging hippie, or just a paranoid millennial, jumping on whatever bandwagon seems prevalent among pop culture.

I’ve lived my life as comfortably as any member of the middle class here in the US can. But with increased connectivity across the globe, I foresee unity. Unity on a global scale. One where the veil of ignorance no longer plagues our vision for a brighter future.

This is not political, it is if you made it so, as our thoughts fabricate our perceptions, giving way to our reality, thus becoming our truth. Just remember–– your thought makes your present reality what it is.

I fight everyday to step outside myself, to make a choice, to not to let my mentality be

limited by other’s thoughts and perceptions but to forge my own, and build my own identity.

We live in a world of followers, and we’re all guilty of our own ignorant bliss of the catastrophes we’re sheltered from by living within our borders. But don’t be surprised when the youth of our world challenge your ideals, perceptions, as well as your distortions regarding difficult conversations that must be had if we are to make progress.

Today, the media covers a wide array of topics, but with a very small, politically biased scope. In the age of self inflation, so many believe it is ‘they and their own’ who matter, when in reality none of us matter anymore than the other. Humbly, I say, My voice comes without bias for any one person but in favor of our pale blue dot. Our miracle of a planet and all its species.

“Take…action.” I tell myself..

Even if somedays you can only muster a whimper, and pray for the strength to shout.

Speak out, But do so with purpose.

Know your intentions, humbly admit your doubts, and assert your truth.


a human enthusiast.

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