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X     Consciousness.  

A Crossroads, a threshold where we make our conscious choices. Deciding on which path to take, ultimately shaping our destiny. It goes with the narrative of being present in the human experience. Reminding us of the choice we make every time we look down. Averting our eyes from our horizon’s and each other. Inhibiting the most valuable intelligence of all––our imagination. 


Jupiter & Saturn 12.21

Self Portraits

Up until now the only pathways to ascension meant we were to pass through one of the pre-established religious checkpoints, for me, like so many, it was the church. What I used to consider to be but a hotchpotch of spiritual tall tales about our moral ideal, now I find to be the intuitive moral of our story and the construction of our value hierarchy. We seek to test our own morals against these ideals, of what we believe to be immutable truth. 


Forging our own path...

Your Greatest Face

Put forth your Ace with the assurance of success. Place your faith in the Queen’s ability to gaze with sympathetic eyes, yet have a divine decreeing to sniff out a rat. The King, strong and long suffering by actions of his own wades through the unseen, while straddling the line of both righteousness and destruction. The Joker attends a game of his own. A playful side of ourselves long forgotten. 


There comes a time where all cards are on the table, what to do… fold? –– or to play your greatest face. A face to fool the world.


My journey through the perspective of an introverted extrovert. My experience growing into adulthood with a culture favoring the man of action over the man of contemplation, the extrovert, that is.


With this portrait I explore the power of introversion and self reflection. While discussing some of the struggles of keeping your head above water as an intellectual in a sea of charisma.

INFJThe other 1%

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