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Today I stood in the shadow of the moon.

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

a mixture of hues from the candles, to the sunshine peering in. A mixture of hues.

2 Days After

A mixture of emotions a couple of days after the eclipse witnessing such divinity. It’s no wonder that religion and the overall human narrative revolved around the sun, moon, and stars. Just as it provides life, we gave it worship. Thats who I feel the real god is. That energy a testament to the human spirit.

I’ve always been one to talk to myself. But before myself, often times I would talk to "god." Who I knew to be Jesus from my upbringing in christianity. I would talk to him as if he were my best friend, picturing him sitting right next to me, and going as far as to tuck him in at night by pulling the covers up to where I would imagine his chin to be. Now I find my self feeling foolish, picturing tucking in a full grown man?!

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