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Happy Independence Day

243 Years ago, A day marked forever in time, where a few with a vision sent a declaration, to lead a verse in a chorus, that our lives would not stand beneath the maltreatment of another’s tyranny. It was defiance that lead the movement to this new world, but hope that lead in our vision to build it off the principle of independent freedom. A human cost was paid in-full for the land we now call home. Let us not forget All those who’s sacrificed to pave the path to our modern-day freedom. Both in service and in the place they came to know as home. Whether held in content or contempt of their present circumstances. Proving that the good deeds of yesterday does not wash away the misdeeds of today.


On this Independence Day, think of it not as barbecues, burgers and fireworks. No, Let not the dancing light of celebration blind our sight to the truth of those who came before us. For it is the shoulders of giants on which we stand. Reminded that we are presented with a choice. Remembering what the words meant before the stars and the stripes. Before we had freedom worth fighting for, and what we deem worth defending now.


Root definitions:

Prefix “in”- "un-, not" + dependent.

Happiness: Contentment. Good/ high spirits, at peace.

Independence: Individual. Self-governance

Declaration: An explicit statement. Detailed, leaving no room for confusion.

Day: A period of 24 hours, a unit to measure time.


As history teaches us that in humanity’s hope survival is the bottom line, happiness is the peace we find in that survival. True freedom was a concept worth sacrificing everything. For today that star spangled banner still waves over the land of the free and the home of the brave. Allowing us to continue to declare independence from insufferable ideologies just as our founding mothers and fathers once did. By not shying away from thinking with your own mind, and feeling with your own heart, for that is what it truly means to be––independent. #American #Unitedwestand #WeThePeople #Remember #Independence #History #stayhumble #LetFreedomRing #UnitedStates #Nashville #Knowyourroots #history #herstory #ourstory

Elan will be Closed in remembrance of this day, and for which it all stands.

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––Thank you

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